lunes, 5 de septiembre de 2016

Mujer y Masonería

En el número del mes de Agosto de 2016 hemos incluido un articulo en lengua inglesa, en la sección de Versión Original, donde se diserta sobre la mujer y la masonería. Dicho articulo ha salido de la pluma de Barbara L. Thames, 18° Atlanta Lodge, No. 21 Eastern Order of International Co-Freemasonry

Aqui os dejo el comienzo del mismo.

As all masculine Masons, especially in those Grand Lodges stemming from the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE), know, women are not allowed to be Masons. 

In the Obligations of the rituals of some Grand Lodges (GLs), each Mason swears to “not be present at the making of a woman Mason.” Others specifically say that a masculine Mason may not sit in Lodge with a woman Mason. Still others do not even admit the possibility of female Masons’ existence so don’t require that sort of statement in their Obligations.

However, no matter what each of you has sworn over your years in Masonry, there are woman Masons around the world AND in the United States. The masculine GLs do not recognize our orders because, quite obviously, we admit women. 

 However, things are slowly beginning to change. The UGLE has stated in its newsletter that there are two orders of female Masons in England that it believes to be regular in their operations except that they admit women . It is also willing to rent lodge rooms to those women’s orders of Masonry. In addition, there is open interaction (within the bounds of each person’s obligations) on shared lists and chat groups on the Internet. We are all learning more about each other as time goes on...

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